Tuesday, March 21, 2017


He was hated and rejected; his life was filled with sorrow and terrible suffering... ~ Isaiah 53:3a (CEV)

Pilate freed the man who was in jail for rioting and murder, because he was the one the crowd wanted to be set free. Then he handed Jesus over for them to do what they wanted with him. ~ Luke 23:25 (CEV)

Our Savior Jesus suffered a lot when he was carrying out his mission.
Lord, I am so grateful for salvation. I am sorry that Jesus had to suffer so much for us -- for me. I take that suffering for granted and I even live as though suffering is not normal. I think that something must be wrong if I am having a hard time. Fix my thinking, please. And prop me up so that I can continue to stand when I encounter hard times, too. I want to live out the whole mission of Jesus in my life. Amen.