Monday, April 16, 2018

He's watching

The Lord sees everything, and he watches us closely. ~ Proverbs 5:21 (CEV)

Jesus says: I am the best shepherd that you can imagine -- totally caring -- totally faithful -- totally competent. I keep such a close eye on my sheep (You!) that I know everything about them. And since I'm present with them all the time they know me. ~ John 10:14 (ABP)

The Lord keeps a close watch over us.
Lord, it is reassuring that nothing happens outside of your awareness. Sometimes I trick myself into thinking that I'm all alone and that no one cares about all the bad things I'm having to go through. Calm me down. Show me again how you are present. I'm going to get through all the rough times knowing that you are present and watching over me. You are going to make certain of the best possible outcome for me. That's why I trust you. You're the best! Amen.