Wednesday, December 19, 2018

God's instructions

The Law of the Lord is perfect; it gives us new life. His teachings last forever, and they give wisdom to ordinary people. ~ Psalm 19:7 (CEV)

The people who obey God’s commands live in God, and God lives in them. We know that God lives in us because of the Spirit God gave us. ~ 1 John 3:24 (NCV)

Gods' life flows into us through his instructions.
Thank you, God, for sharing your life and wisdom with us. I am slow to adopt your wisdom and that is why my relationship with you is stunted. Please don't give up on me. (I know that you won't.) I want to become more Christ-like even if I have to turn my back on some unhealthy ways of thinking and behaving. I know that I can count on you and your Word to move me forward. Amen.