Friday, November 29, 2019

God's big invite

The Lord treats all who recognize and honor him as really kind parents treat their children -- with great compassion and lavish love. ~ Psalm 103:13 (ABP)

Jesus said: "The Kingdom of Heaven isn't going to be an exclusively Jewish event. Take my word on this, the Hebrew ancestors Abraham and Isaac and Jacob will be dining alongside non-Jews who have come from the remotest places on earth. That's how broad God's love and compassion are." ~ Matthew 8:11 (ABP)

While our natural inclination is to try and figure out who is beyond God's touch, he's busy welcoming as many people and as diverse of a crowd as will come to be with him.
Thank you, God, for the invitation to the kingdom feast that you sent with Jesus. I want to RSVP. Forgive me for my lack of vision regarding all those other people you love and invite. Help me to learn how to love them, too, so that I become as welcoming as you. Amen.