Monday, September 14, 2020


You'll be giddy with glee because the LORD is your God. You'll be proud of the fact that you, Israel, are associated with the One and Only. ~ Isaiah 41:16 (ABP)

We even take pride in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, the one through whom we now have a restored relationship with God. ~ Romans 5:11 (CEB)

Take pride in the relationship that you have with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dear God, you sent your Son into the world to restore our relationship with you. That you'd want to relate to us is unimaginable -- especially considering that we are so messed up. When I look at my life I realize that I tend to be proud of all the wrong things. Need I go into detail? No, but I do ask that you'd help me sort through my pride. Help me to find my sense of self -- my confidence -- my pride -- in what you are doing for me. I'm going to build my happiness in your gift. Amen.