Saturday, May 1, 2021


PSALM 9:18 (CEV)
The poor and the homeless
won’t always be forgotten
and without hope.

LUKE 14:21 (CEV)
The master... said, “Go as fast as you can to every street and alley in town! Bring in everyone who is poor or crippled or blind or lame.”

God will not forget the needy.

God, you have a great memory, and you never forget those who are needy. Thank you for remembering me -- a needy person. I do get frustrated, though, when I see the needs around me that don't ever seem to resolve. Forgive me for doubting your memory and for allowing discouragement to negatively impact the hope you have planted in my life. Refresh the hope that is ours through the resurrection and show me how I can be a part of the solution for those who feel forgotten. Amen.