Tuesday, June 2, 2020


My heart rejoices in the Lord! ~ 1 Samuel 2:1a (NLT)

Although you’ve never seen him (that is, Jesus), you love him. Even though you don’t see him now, you trust him and so rejoice with a glorious joy that is too much for words. ~ 1 Peter 1:8 (CEB)

Let the joy that comes from the Lord wash away the challenges that hold you back.
Glorious God, thank you for intervening in my life. Even though I love you, I am hesitant to express my joy. I'm worried that people will think I'm some kind of religious nutcase. Help me to grow thick and indifferent skin so that I can freely express the joy that is waiting to bubble out of my heart. I'm going to start by singing -- even though I have trouble carrying a tune. It's going to be okay. Amen.