Wednesday, January 13, 2021


“Isn’t it true that a son honors his father and a worker his master? So if I’m your Father, where’s the honor? If I’m your Master, where’s the respect?” God-of-the-Angel-Armies is calling you on the carpet.

MATTHEW 21:28-29 (CEV)
Jesus said:
I will tell you a story about a man who had two sons. Then you can tell me what you think. The father went to the older son and said, “Go work in the vineyard today!” His son told him that he would not do it, but later he changed his mind and went.

Honor God with your actions.

Thank you, God, for adopting me into your family. I admit that I'm not the best of your children. I'm a little cocky and arrogant -- too busy to make your priorities mine. Adjust my attitude so that I'm fully in line with your gracious agenda. I'm going to live to honor you. Amen.