Thursday, January 14, 2021


PSALM 95:2-3 (CEV)
Come to worship him
     with thankful hearts
          and songs of praise.
The Lord is the greatest God,
     king over all other gods.

1 TIMOTHY 6:16 (CEV)
Only God lives forever!
And he lives in light
     that no one can come near.
No human has ever seen God
     or ever can see him.
God will be honored,
     and his power
          will last forever. Amen.

God is the greatest -- so great that we'll never be able to comprehend him -- only honor him.

Glorious God, you are the greatest -- too great to comprehend. Yet, that doesn't stop me from trying. I keep thinking that if I could only wrap my mind around you that I might be able to control you. Forgive my presumptuousness. Show me a humbler way to relate to you. I'm going to focus my energy on pursuing ways to honor you rather than grok you. Amen.